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PeaceAR is a mobile, immersive, and augmented reality (miAR) experience designed to remind people of the universal potential and reality of the need for peace, to support people with re-socialization after a period of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to support mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) practice.

This project emerged naturally while exploring the Adobe Aero application, which is an immersive augmented reality application for Apple and Android mobile devices.

PeaceAR is available for anyone to try on an iPhone or iPad (not available for Android…yet).

The following instructions explain how to experience the project from wherever you are.

Instructions for PeaceAR

  1. Open, or download the Adobe Aero application from the Apple Store . The Adobe Aero application is currently only available on Apple devices (i.e., iPhone/iPad). I will explore options for Android users soon.
  2. Download the PeaceAR Adobe Aero .real asset of your choice: English
  3. Open the “.real” asset in the Adobe Aero application, and explore.

A brief note on safe use of immersive augmented reality:

Ensure that you are using the Adobe Aero application in an open area on flat terrain. For more information about the safe use of augmented reality, please consult:

Intended Audience

  • Individuals and/or groups who are interested to celebrate “Peace” around the world;
  • Individuals and/or groups who are interested in trying mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) in an active and deliberate way by focusing on this keyword, “Peace”; and
  • Survivors of trauma who wish to create a safe zone in a place where they feel safe, or who wish to challenge an automatic thought about a place that is safe, yet holds difficult memories for them.
Photograph of PeaceAR at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia, (English text) by @todaywithdrlucia
Photograph of PeaceAR (English text) by Bryn Ludlow, Ph.D.

Background & Purpose

The concept for PeaceAR, and other similar asset designs that I’ve produced is inspired in-part by a mobile poster installation and short documentary video, “They Were” that I created at OCAD University (Toronto, Canada) in the fall of 2007. “They Were” was created with the objective to generate awareness and active public responses to the prevalence and need for prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence. The purpose of using words instead of images to create safe, and calm spaces is to help people to focus mindfully on one word and one thought, in one moment, and to reduce their experience of anxiety and fear. Likewise, to take action and generate community support.

Watch “They Were” (2007) here:

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This is a proof-of-concept artwork, not a research study. I am interested to continue working in this area of mobile, immersive AR, and to apply it as a method in research.

Art Exhibitions

“Ithaka (Bein’ Seen)” at New Vistas 2022

A pastel piece that I created in October from a series of 12 works on paper is part of the “New Vistas: The Spaces We Inhabit” juried exhibition at the Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery . The exhibit is on from November 30, 2022–January 12, 2023.

Pastel artwork by Bryn Ludlow, Ph.D.
Bryn Ludlow
18cmx26cm (7×10″) unframed, 40.64 x 50.8 cm (16×20”) framed.
Extra Soft Sennelier Pastel on Arches Rough Grain 140lb Watercolour Paper.

Artist’s Statement

“Bein’ Seen” is a play on the title of the song by Joe Raposo, “Bein’ Green” (1970) that was created for Sesame Street. The song, and these works, are about self-acceptance, and being comfortable with being seen for who you are by people who you love and people who love you—no matter what.