Action Painting

Action painting originated in Europe and North America after, and in response to WWII (Farey, 2018). The action paintings on this page are called, “foot paintings” that were created as an alternative artistic approach to traditional forms of mindfulness for recovery from PTSD. All of the paintings in this series were created entirely with my feet, except “Abandonné” (2009), which was painted with my feet and a paintbrush.


Farey, L. (18 Aug 2018). Action painting. The Art Story. Retrieved 10 Nov. 2019 from

In December 2018, I was invited to share a digital collage on the website, “Person-Centred Care Education,” (Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto). The collage combines two foot paintings, and a vector illustration.

In Adobe Photoshop, I created a paintbrush of the vector graphic (a “brush preset”) and stamped it on one of the pieces. Then, I erased the contents of the vector stamp, and added a second layer behind that layer with the other painting. The result is this digital collage that shows the outline of the vector illustration with the paintings.
If you are interested to learn how to make paintbrushes in Adobe Photoshop, from vector graphics created in Adobe Illustrator, you can read about the method on this blog post:

Thanks Drs. Richardson and Kuper for this amazing opportunity to share my work with you, and the program!