Client Statements

Bryn dives into the “how” and “why” bringing a depth to her creative approach to projects. Her clear communication and timely delivery of results supports project plans to a successful completion. If you are looking for a fresh take with depth, Bryn Ludlow is the answer.

Shannon Weber, MSW
Author, Show Up Hard: A Road Map for Helpers in Crisis

From the early conceptual stages, through to design and then implementation of the vision for my website,Bryn was a complete pleasure to work with and made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. For any question, large or small, Bryn was able to provide excellent advice. I was amazed at how well she was able to pick up on subtle details relating to my aesthetic preferences that really shone through in the final product. What a fantastic experience, I would definitely recommend!

Suze Berkhout, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Clinician-Investigator, University Health Network

We reached out to Bryn to collaborate on a webinar series exploring innovative research methods in gerontology. Working with Bryn was an absolute pleasure, she was professional and accommodating to the needs of our organization. Following her presentation, we received overwhelming positive feedback from webinar attendees who indicated that Bryn was a knowledgeable and engaging speaker. Bryn went above and beyond for our organization by making herself available to answer questions following her presentation.

Ariane Seguin Massie, President
Canadian Association on Gerontology (Student Connection)